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Live - Concert on the Morteratsch Glacer



9:00                        Meeting point at the Morteratsch railway station

9:20 (Departure)     Railway ride from Morteratsch to Bernina with the nostalgic Bernina train

9:40 (Departure)     Cable Car ride to the mountain station Diavolezza

10:30 – 11:00          First fiddle concert at the mountain station Diavolezza

11:15 - 12:30           First part of the glacier walk to the persglacier

12:30 - 14:15          Concert on the glacier with own picnic

14:30 - 18:00          Decent from the glacier to the Hotel Morteratsch

After 18:00              Dinner at Hotel Morteratsch for 33.-

After 19:00             Bonfire with a short concert where the new Ice Stupa village will be built this winter.

The Musicians

“Haugaard’s International Fiddle School” was founded in 2008 and connects passionate musicians of different ages and cultures together every year for one week in August.  

Two famous music teachers of the fiddle school take the lead for the glacier concert: Antti Järvelä and Kevin Henderson. Antti Järvelä is originally from Finland and grew up in an enthusiastic musical family. He travels the whole world, working as a freelance violin teacher and additionally plays in four different bands. Kevin Henderson is one of the best known violin players in Shetland and is part of the Nordic Fiddler’s Bloc. He has created over 12 albums, which he plays at international concerts.

Over 45 additional international fiddlers of Haugaard’s Fiddle School travel from all over Europe to Switzerland for the glacier concert. They also play for the first time on the natural glacier stage in the unique Bernina region.

Nostalgie Triebzüge Abe 4/4

On the 13 of October 2018, a unique glacier concert will take place with 50 musicians of Haugaard’s International Fiddle School in the middle of the beautiful Bernina Range. This special concert and glacier walk will bring more attention to the glaciers for its beauty and scarcity and the need for protection.

The 50 musicians will play their best compositions at three different places. The nostalgic train of the Rhaetina Railway will take the guests from Morteratsch to Diavolezza, where the first concert will be at the mountain station. Afterwards, the glacier walk starts with the main concert in the middle of the fascinating glacier world. From there, the glacier walk continues with the descent back to the Hotel Morteratsch. During the walk, you will be accompanied by a mountaineer for safety.

If you can’t join the glacier walk, there is also the possibility to return to the Hotel Morteratsch by cable car and train for the last concert (Concert Pass).

Unique scenery – natural conditions

The concert takes place in high alpine and glaciated terrain. For the steep and slippery descent on the glacier moraine and the glacier, stable hiking boots are absolutely essential and mandatory for all participants. On the glacier, all participants get very simple and non-slip miniature crampons. As the temperature soon reaches the freezing point in autumn, very warm clothes including hats, gloves, rain and sun protections (especially sunglasses to protect against snow blindness) and something to sit on the glacier (outdoor cushion) are necessary.

Everyone is responsible on oneself to bring a picnic for the lunch on the glacier. There is the possibility to order a lunch-packet from Hotel Morteratsch for 15 CHF. The order can be done with the inscription for the concert directly at the Hotel Morteratsch.

If the glacier is already covered in snow, the glacier hike does not occur. In this case, the second concert would take place in Morteratsch.

Further Information:

Thank you for arriving earlier than late, so there is enough time for the «Check-In” at the railway station Morteratsch. Meeting Point is 9:00 at the railway station (in front of the Hotel Morteratsch). More Information for the arrival can be found on the Homepage of the Hotel Morteratsch.

If you are travelling by train you can take the train which departs in Pontresina at 9:04 and arrives at Bernina Diavolezza at 09:19. If you prefer to travel with the nostalgic concert train, change the train in Morteratsch. The nostalgic concert train will depart 09:20 in Morteratsch after the regular train.

Meeting point at Diavolezza valley station is at 09:30 am.

Take Profit of the attractive package prices and stay for the night at the Hotel Morteratsch. The places for the glacier walk are limited. For this reason, inscribe yourself earlier than late in the Hotel Morteratsch.

+41 81 842 63 13, mail@morteratsch.ch

If there are still any questions, contact Seraina Pestalozzi: seraina.pestalozzi@academia-engiadina.ch  


Flyer to download


* Children up to 6 years are free                               Reduction for children between 6-12 years

Diavolezza Concert pass

- Train ride with the Bernina nostalgic train

- Cable Car to Diavolezza

- Concert and apéro

CHF 44.-

Concerts and Glacier-walk

- Train ride with the Bernina nostalgic train

- Cable Car to Diavolezza

- Accompanied glacier walk

- Concerts and apéro

CHF 99.-

Weekend Package

- Train ride with the Bernina nostalgic train

- Cable Car to Diavolezza

- Accompanied glacier walk

- Concerts and apéro

- Two overnight stays at Hotel Morteratsch (halfboard)

- Lunch package for Saturday

CHF 333.-